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You don’t have to buy a publishing package. Our services are like a menu; you can choose only the services you need to get the job done to your satisfaction.

Manuscript Evaluation — Our professional editor reads through your manuscript and writes a brief report of her observations about its strengths and weaknesses. You also receive constructive comments and recommendations for some specific ways to improve your writing.

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Editing — A professionally edited book means your readers won’t be distracted by typos and can focus on your story. Utilizing this service builds trust with your readers and enhances your reputation. You can feel confident that our editor will respect your author’s voice and style.

We offer proofreading and three levels of editing. See our comparison chart with prices, here.

  • 1.

    Copyediting involves checking the manuscript for spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, punctuation, grammar, syntax, word usage, line breaks, and page breaks.

  • 2.

    Substantive editing adds to that: attention to paragraph structure, chapter breaks, rephrasing and tightening for smoothness and clarity, voice and viewpoint, characterization, dialogue, and setting. We also check for inconsistencies in dates, character descriptions, historical references, and cross-references.

  • 3.

    Developmental editing evaluates theme, premise, and imagery, considers plot flow and pacing, plot restructuring, tightening of thesis and improving focus, book mapping, timeline analysis, and formatting of material.

Multiple rounds of editing are industry standard. We use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, with text mark-up, comments, and queries in the margin. You can easily accept or reject edits, make revisions, and add to or subtract from the text. Not sure which kind of editing you need? Get a free consultation by contacting us, here.

In both kinds of editing, we go through the manuscript three more times. We use Microsoft Word software, with text mark-up, comments and queries in the margin. You have the chance to make revisions and add to or subtract from the text.

Photography and illustration — We prepare your photographs or digital images for print or e-book publishing, construct optional charts and graphs, and commission the illustration, if there is to be any. We can scan original photos and adjust for color, contrast, etc. We also can supply royalty-free stock photography.

Interior book design — We make decisions about how your book will look inside and flow the text into the layout, including front and back matter. Photos and/or illustrations are inserted. You will be able to influence the appearance of the book interior.

Cover book design — Our experienced designer utilizes typography, color, images, and composition that will give your book a professional appearance suitable to its genre and help your book appeal to readers. Depending on your budget, you can have one or two different cover designs to choose from for your book. Get a no-obligation quote for your cover design by contacting us here.

ISBN and LCCN — After you decide the profit you want to make and determine the selling price of your book, we order the International Standard Book Number and the barcode, and insert them into your book’s layout. We also can register your book with the Library of Congress and obtain their control number for you.

Final proofing and prep — After we both do a final proofreading, you sign the Proof Approval Form, and we send the layout and resource files to the printer and/or convert the layout file to an e-book.

Launch — AV does not pay for printing, but we can work as your advocate and liaison with an excellent, local book printer. We give direction, supply any extra files, approve proofs, and arrange schedule and delivery. If you’re going the Kindle Direct Publishing route, we make sure your book files are correctly formatted for either print or e-book and are ready to upload.

Book promotion — Even before your book is printed or distributed, you’ll want to start promoting your book. We help you design a strategy for selling your book. We give you tips on promotion, arrange book signings with your local bookstores, and assist you with distribution and exposure.

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